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Most approaches have been grounded in social justice OR criminal justice ideologies, but not both at the same time. Between the rise in gun violence and cries to defund the police, the community and law enforcement are divided with regard to a solution. Hayti Reborn – Justice Movement has a solution.

Key Metrics


We will identify three key contributors to violent crime in the Durham community in order to effectuate a 10% decrease during the first twelve months of engaging program participants by:

  • Identifying a cohort of community members with a history of criminal convictions involving one or more acts of violence and assess, using an evidence-based, culturally-sensitive assessment instrument, the presence of antisocial personality traits.

  • Assessing 25 volunteers monthly within the first ten months of program inception, with a goal of 250, and refer them to programs designed to address issues identified in their assessment.


We will grow our coalition by:

  • Adding at least two partner organizations, in each area of the coalition, per year, beginning January 2023 in the areas of: 

    • Criminal Justice

    • Socio-economic

    • Education/Vocation

    • Health and Wellness

    • Housing and Transportation

    • Faith and Spirituality


Core Values/Guiding Principles

  • Listen! Listen! Listen!

  • Be open and flexible

  • Seek first to understand

  • Dignity, respect, and accountability

  • Strive for “Both/And” and “Win/Win”

  • Holistically, culturally and research-based approaches

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