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Our solution is a centralized and consolidated framework of community participants, social justice, and criminal justice partnerships that assess, plan, and treat problems leading to community violence.  We will provide assistance for justice-involved individuals and their families with resources needed to offset the impact of mass incarceration and centuries of systematic racism by centralizing: community resources; educational programming; reentry services; policy reform; and mentoring, just to name a few. 

The Hayti Reborn-
JM Way


As an "umbrella organization" we will orchestrate, train, and oversee, a coalition of law enforcement and community organizations who are committed to solving the problems that lead to increased gun violence, poverty, homelessness, etc., together.


Partnerships and alliances (coalitions) within the community have long proven to be an effective manner of dealing with societal problems. Not only does these partnerships have the benefit of consolidated manpower, they provide the opportunity for a streamlined approach to social issues and the possibility of attracting more funding which may be distributed more effectively within the target area. 

Failure to streamline the approach to recurring social dilemmas often results in:

  1. A duplication of efforts to address the same issue;

  2. Stalled, slower, less effective, or unsustainable results;

  3. Lack of enough collective power to force lasting, systemic social change;

  4. Divided attention between local social and criminal justice initiatives; and

  5. Competition for the same funding dollars.


By grouping similar organizations together, there is a greater possibility of:

  1. Enabling organizations to focus on what they do best

  2. Developing a centralized location where the targeted population can attend programming and receive services

  3. Guidance and leadership to ensure all groups operate within a consistent framework that allows organizational and community needs to be met more quickly and efficiently. 

  4. Centralized administrative support enabling lower overhead for smaller organizations who are doing vital work. 

  5. Our Partner Organization Capacity Fund and on-staff Development Officer, allow smaller organizations to spend less time and energy on fundraising

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