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Partners and Resources

It takes a team!

Hayti Reborn Justice Movement has a committed group of partners to ensure the mission and vision of the organization is not only implemented but is sustained and elevated through full community support.  

Resource Coordinators

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Clarence Birkhead
Criminal Justice Committee Coordinator 

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Durham County Sheriff

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Earl Chestnut 
Economic Development Committee Coordinator

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Medical Technician, University of North Carolina Medical Center (Retired)

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LaManda Pryor 
Education Committee Coordinator

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Principal/Executive Director of Community School of Digital and Visual Arts

Abstract Building

Teka Dempson
Health and Wellness Committee Coordinator

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Family Consultant

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Quillie Coath, Jr
Housing Committee Coordinator

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Executive Director - PROUD Program

White Walls

Larry Thomas
 Mentoring Committee Coordinator 

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Founder & CEO Thomas Mentor Leadership Academy

White Pathway

Martina Dunsford 
Programs Committee Coordinator

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Founder & Former Director of New Horizons Character and Leadership Academy

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Sha-Mel Riggins
Recreation Committee Coordinator 

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Assoc. Director of Coaching, Mentorship, and Recruiting of Bull City Youth Uplift Organization

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LaToya Denny 
Faith/Spirituality Committee Coordinator

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Chief Executive Assistant of HUB Community PODS

Programming Partners



OneTen aims to close the opportunity gap for Black talent in America. Together, we create opportunities to earn success and ignite potential for generations to come. They connect talented Black individuals without a four-year college degree with leading education and skill-building organizations, committed employers with family-sustaining jobs and wraparound support services.

Young Basketball Player

The Athletes Connecting Through Service (ACTS) Program

ACTS is a comprehensive education, employment, and recreation initiative designed to enhance the physical, emotional, and team work skills for participating youth. The program is guided by retired federal prison's employee, Tommy Long and Youth Activist Roscoe Brown.

Cleaning the Window

Boss Services, LLC

Boss Services specializes in post construction cleaning and interior and exterior of newly constructed homes in the Triangle Area. They will provide on-the-job training so participants can practice their soft-skills in the workplace.


The Budo Academy of Durham (BAD): School of Goju Ryu Taijutsu

BAD is a mentoring organization that revives the traditional approach to martial arts training that focuses on character development so its participants learn better social emotional management.


Bull City Youth Uplift Organization (BCYUO)

Started in 2011, BCYUO is committed to the health literacy, decreased intentional violence, and increased academic standing of children in the underserved communities of color in Durham. This is done through mentorship, leadership opportunities, academic enhancement programs, and team athletics.


Dangers of the Mind (DOM)

Kristen Hopkins is an international social entrepreneur, dedicated to the holistic development of youth and young adults and the Founder and CEO of Dangers of the Mind, LLC. DOM offers an Intervention Kit Program designed for "transient" students (those in: in-school suspension; restorative practice centers; juvenile justice; and reentry). This work is built upon Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

D.L. Forbes Youth Foundation.jpeg

D.L. Forbes Youth Foundation

The D.L. Forbes Youth Foundation is a para-military foundation that assists families in underserved communities of color instill lifelong mental, physical, and spiritual changes in youth as well as promoting and re-building family unity. Their Advanced Leadership Academy Program, for youth ages 10-13, is a 20-day residential “wilderness” adventure

fatherhood of durham.png

Fatherhood of Durham (FOD)

Started in 2018, FOD is a 12 week, evidence-based program that is father-centered and focuses on empowering dads to develop the knowledge, confidence, and skills to become responsible fathers and co-parents in the Durham community.


Hayti Reborn Workforce Development Partners

Our parent company, headed by Henry McKoy has developed partnerships with the Building up Local Life Sciences (BULLS) Initiative, OneTen, and a number of other organizations in Durham and Research Triangle Park who are committed to hiring local people of color who possess the soft skills, motivation, and readiness training to fill available positions. 

Business Colleagues

Kingdom Building Mentality Business Consultancy

Kingdom Building will coordinate and provide mentorship for the first 12 months to new entrepreneurs of color as they begin their new businesses.


Love and Respect House

Love and Respect is a transitional house for men that have practiced unhealthy living situations, primarily through a history of substance abuse and gang involvement. 

Smiling Chef

Milestones Culinary Institute, Inc. 

Started in 2004, Milestones’ mission is to educate and train students to meet and exceed industry standards on culinary excellence. They educate the underserved, the formerly incarcerated, and youth who are interested in training to grow a career in culinary arts.


PROUD Program

The PROUD Program will focus on workforce readiness programming for those involved in and returning from involvement in the criminal justice system. They provide training in the areas of: soft skills; effective communications; professionalism; problem solving; and time management.


Rebuilding Durham Greatness – Adelaide Banks Marketing, LLC

As a great Durham storyteller and Black History & Race Relations Educator, Adelaide Banks will create interactive workshops, community activities, and training programs for participants in the Hayti Reborn – Justice Movement.

Thomas Mentor Leadership Academy

The Thomas Mentor Leadership Academy will use the “Ready to Go: Mentor Training Toolkit” (a curriculum produced by Michigan State University: Extension & 4-H Youth Development) to train prospective community mentors.