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Fists in Solidarity

Wrap-Around Services

A Unique Approach
Not only do we already have the players sitting at the same table, but we have also collectively determined our initial course of action. Instead of creating something new, we are organizing, and working to centralize the resources already present within Durham.

The Approach

This approach includes providing “wrap-around” services with unified community resources; alternatives-to-incarceration; alternatives-to-violence (ATV); combined reentry services; workforce readiness; and mentoring for underserved BIPOC communities in Durham. Instead of sending participants on a search for resources, we will have a single location where the resources will be brought to them. We have access to jobs (which do not require a college degree) waiting for the development of a pool of BIPOC people who are employment-ready.

Hayti-JM is committed to research and cultural-based approaches which lead to increased public safety while holistically (mind, body & spirit) addressing the needs of those who engage in violent crimes. We are not interested in an “either/or” approach to issues, but a “both/and” method that results in a “win/win” outcome for all parties involved.

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