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Durham's Hayti community seeks $20 million revitalization grant

Published Friday, July 16, 2021 12:00 pm

by Freda Freeman | The Triangle Tribune

DURHAM – Picture a community of hundreds of homes and businesses – all thriving, all bustling, all Black owned.

That is what Henry McKoy envisions for Hayti, once home to Durham’s Black Wall Street.

“We’ve seen the rise of Hayti. We’ve seen the decline of Hayti. Now, let’s see Hayti reborn,” said McKoy, director of Hayti Reborn: Durham Equity Project, an initiative to revitalize the once prosperous Black area of Durham.

Through Hayti Reborn, McKoy and a group of longtime Hayti residents and their descendants, who have a “vision of widely-shared economic prosperity,” are working to restore Hayti and Durham to its Black Wall Street stature. “Hayti Reborn is about community-oriented investors developing Hayti with community ownership. It’s about redevelopment of these properties by people in those communities, and, as they rise, those people’s income and livelihood rises as well,” said McKoy.

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