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Can Entrepreneurs Help One of Durham's Poorest Areas

Standing in Durham's Hayti community, arguably the poorest community in the city, it'd hard to imagine the glory days of the early 20th century when there were more than 200 thriving Black-owned businesses along Fayetteville, Pettigrew and Pine Streets and successfully Black entrepreneurs owned fine homes and lived well. Today, the Hayti community remains predominately Black but overwhelming poverty-stricken. Depending on which section you're in the Hayti population ranges from 77 to 96 percent Black and median incomes are $16,000 to $20,591.

Henry McCoy Jr., director of entrepreneurship at the N.C. Central University School of Business and director of Hayti Reborn wants entrepreneurs to envision the community of the future, one that produces a renaissance of prosperity and opportunity in the historic neighborhood.

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