Fight FOR Durham’s Next Century! 

Hayti Reborn’s Declaration Against Systematic Racism and Autonomous Power Project


Hayti Reborn needs you.

For 100 years (1867-1967), Durham’s historic Black community – Hayti – built the leading Black Wall Street in America.  City-led urban renewal in the 1960s promised to invest in making Hayti even stronger.  Instead, like in thousands of communities across the United States, what began as a promise to “build back better” has resulted in six decades of wealth extraction.  A practice that remains today. 


With Durham now being among the hottest economic markets in the United States, it sits at a crossroads.  Hayti Reborn seeks to go down the road of the greatest shared prosperity and reparative justice for communities most often left behind, forgotten, ignored, and lied to.

Hayti Reborn is currently in the fight of a century – The Fight FOR Durham's Next Century. 


The Durham Housing Authority seeks to enter into a 99-year ground lease with a real estate development partner on land taken first from Native Americans and then from Durham’s historic Black community.  Two visions compete for this public land.  One vision is developed for and by the community itself, centered on equity, education, and economic development without gentrification, but also on wealth creation and upper mobility for Durham’s poorest residents.  The other vision simply sees poor, black residents as ones to be housed but not invested in, helped but not provided with the paths for autonomous power.

If the Durham Housing Authority succeeds in its proposed plans, then they will succeed in manufacturing a vehicle for community wealth extraction that will last for another century (literally) – from 2022 to the year 2121.  Both, the wealth and wealth potential would leave the Hayti community, but also Durham overall.

Not only would this put a nail in the coffin of the Fayetteville Street corridor as the centerpiece of Durham’s historically Black corridor, but also in Durham’s potential rebirth as America’s Black Wall Street, resuming its role as a model for Black economic progress and cross-racial collaboration.  Furthermore, it would do so using taxpayer’s dollars, meaning that we all become part of increasing society’s – and Durham’s – enormous racial wealth gap.  Finally, what happens to Fayette Place will undoubtedly serve as the development model for public lands going forward in Durham.  A continuation of publicly funded wealth extraction.

If you do not want to be part of another century-long extraction of wealth from Hayti’s Black community, to be added to that which has happened over the last 60 years, and instead want to be a part of creating wealth in Hayti for the next 100 years, we ask that you join us – the Hayti community members and friends and supporters of Hayti Reborn – in this “Fight FOR Durham's Next Century.”

Though it seems like we are fighting against the Durham Housing Authority or the many others who only see Black figures as disposable members of the economy, that is not the case.  We are fighting FOR something.  We are fighting: FOR respect; FOR dignity; FOR acknowledgment.  We are fighting FOR AUTONOMOUS POWER as a community and as a people.  And since this fight is not unique to Durham’s Hayti community, we are fighting for the same across the Black diaspora.


There are 6 ways that you can join Hayti Reborn – including a number of persons whose lands were taken during Durham’s urban renewal and forced from home ownership into public housing, and of many others – the native Haytians’ descendants, too many still living in crumbling public housing decades later.

  1. Sign our petition affirming your support for the work and vision of Hayti Reborn;

  2. Contact Durham’s Mayor (Honorable Elaine O’Neal, Mayor, Elaine.O', 919-560-4333, ext. 10269),  City Council ( and City Manager (Honorable Wanda Page, City Manager,, 919-560-4222) affirming your support for Hayti Reborn receiving its requested Public Hearing (“Public Healing”) related to the next 100 years of Fayette Place;

  3. Contribute to the Hayti Reborn Fight for the Century Autonomous Power Project Go Fund Me page with 100% of the tax deductible contribution going to support community members in their fight the shared prosperity;

  4. Visit the Hayti Reborn store and purchase a t-shirt, with all proceeds going towards the fight (coming soon); and,

  5. Most of all, share this website broadly with your friends, family, and networks you believe will find interest in this effort;

  6. Finally, sign up for future communications through this link to be added to the Hayti Reborn listserve for updates and information on the campaign.


Thank you for your support and consideration.  Let’s Fight for Durham's Next Century!

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