Our Partners

Community Partners

These Hayti Reborn partnering organizations represent anti-racist educators, women empowerment groups, former criminal court judges and U.S. Department of Justice officials, alongside the formerly incarcerated; local congregations and neighborhood associations and community advocacy organizations.  It also includes parental advocacy organizations led by local school board members and initiatives that connect to the larger black and Latino global population.

Public Sector Partners

Hayti Reborn's public sector partners include an array of public institutions that are willing to do the hard work of understanding the historic and contemporary role that their organizations and even positions play in racial inequity.  

Non-Profit and Philanthropic Partners

This collection of Hayti Reborn partners have incredible range and impact across the United States, but with real racial equity impact on the ground and in local communities.  These partners include organizations that are interested in investing in black businesses and black-led Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) – first in 16 US states and eventually across America.  The first of many capital providers and impact investors that will locate in the hub – creating the Silicon Valley or Wall Street of racial equity investing – and being a global force.  

Academic Partners

Hayti Reborn's academic partners form the intellectual power behind the vision, just as the community partners form the heart.  As the leader in the intellectually anchoring of the world’s first equity education research and development park it will be joined by its partner institutions – all world renown and research 1 institutions – who have co-anchored the world’s largest research park (RTP) for more than 70 years.

Private Sector Partners

Hayti Reborn's private sector partners are among the most globally connected and innovatively thinking firms representing the initiative’s STAMPS ecosystem.  Organizations that are serving to add strategic partners at all levels of influence will ensure that Hayti Reborn has the right platform to scale racial equity innovations and tell the stories of our community of partners from the public, private, philanthropic, academic, and community sectors to ensure we are speaking in one powerful, but diverse voice, related to racial equity.