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Hayti Reborn Justice Movement


Mission Statement

To organize, lead, and grow a coalition of community participants, social justice and criminal justice partnerships.

Vision Statement

To offset the community impact of mass incarceration and systemic racism while bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community.

Our Story

Hayti Reborn-JM is not a program, but a “Movement” within the city/county of Durham.

Instead of addressing community problems through either law enforcement or community involvement, we are creating a coalition of social and criminal justice organizations, along with members of the community who are eager to partner with each other and interrupt the cycle of violence and increase the health and prosperity within the community.


Our Team.



There is a lack of organized and centralized community resources; alternatives-to-incarceration; alternatives-to-violence; reentry services; policy reform; workforce readiness and mentoring for underserved communities in Durham, North Carolina.

Holding Hands


Our solution is a centralized and consolidated framework of community participants, social justice, and criminal justice partnerships that assess, plan, and treat problems leading to community violence.

Wrap Around Services

Strategies that are driven by professionals to empower families to navigate services on their own

Workforce Development

Our work development teams help the community define skills and capabilities needed for their future business pursuits.

Key Stakeholders

We serve a number of people through this programming.  Our stakeholders have a vested interest in ensuring these resources are available to the community. 


Are you interested in being mentor to a well deserving population of people who are ready to apply their skills to be of contribution to the community, industry and the broader world.


Hayti Reborn- JM has a collective support of partners to ensure the mission and vision of the organization is accomplished. 


Hayti Reborn-JM is comprised of community leaders positioned to be of service.

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The Movement

Hayti Reborn-JM is not a program, but a “Movement” within the city/county of Durham.

the team

Hayti Reborn-JM is led by committed and dedicated leaders positioned to develop programming that will make an indelible impact.

Upcoming Positions

Do you want to be part of the movement?  Take a look at this upcoming positions. 


Getting the message out.  It's time for a change in how we approach social justice!


Take a look at Hayti Reborn-Justice Movement Community Outreach

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